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I'm currently doing a PhD (end Dec. 2018) in Cognitive Sciences at the ens icon École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, France. I'm studying auditory perceptual learning (pitch perception and auditory selective attention) using psychophysics and electrophysiology (EEG).

Web Development - Full-Stack

During my PhD I learned web developement (django iconDjango/javascript iconJavascript) and I built portable auditory experiments running on computers and tablets. I especially love the new features of Javascript (ES6-ES7) and the fast evolution of the language.

I also extensively used databases (couchdb iconCouchDB on a virtual server / pouchdb iconPouchDB in the browser) to build offline-first web app.

I also played with d3 iconD3 and react iconReact to build data vizualisation on the web.

The Web Audio API was my companion these last years. I used it to create sounds with controled features on the web (for instance a demo of amplitude and frequency modulation with visualizations).

django icon Django
digitalocean icon Digitalocean
heroku icon Heroku
javascript icon Javascript
html icon HTML
css icon CSS
react icon React
couchdb icon CouchDB
pouchdb icon Pouchdb

Data Science

Passionate about data analysis and very keen to learn new things, I used r iconR to analyse behavioral data and create vizualisations and python iconPython to analyse EEG data (see my toolbox for EEG processing) and elaborate offline/online signal processing workflow.

I also love the idea to bind data science and web developement and I created the skeleton of a neurofeedback app that streamed and transfered the data from the EEG system to a web server in django iconDjango and get the data in the browser with web sockets for final feedback display.

python icon Python
r icon R
Matplotlib icon Matplotlib
D3 icon D3
GGPlot2 icon GGPlot2
sklearn icon Scikit Learn
keras icon Keras
Pandas icon Pandas
numpy icon Numpy
Scipy icon Scipy